Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2,694 pages

So, I went to the library today (seems like many of my posts start like this)...

I came home with 2,694 pages of reading. How did that happen? Let's just say that I shouldn't even stop at the new release shelves. I should go straight to the checkout when I have a book on hold. But, today I had a few extra minutes and just couldn't help myself.

Many times I walk away empty-handed. But, today the titles were just jumping off the shelves. Were any of them on my Fall into Reading (FIR) list? No. That would be too easy. And, of course, 6 of the 8 books that I left with are 14-day loans. I'm pretty sure some will be returned unread. Oh well. I did grab a couple that are on my list...they just weren't on the new release shelves.

So, what's in the pile?
Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers (the book on hold that I went there to pick up)
South of Broad by Pat Conroy - Not FIR but on my "to be read" list for some time
Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah - Her books are super fast, easy reads...nothing life changing here, just fun, not FIR
Innocent by Scott Turow - Also not on the list, but something a little different
Brooklyn - FIR
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - FIR
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - I've seen this on a number of FIR blogs and it looks interesting.

I can't start any of these just yet though. I'm now flying through The Book Thief. What an incredible book! I highly recommend it. More about that later...back to reading.

Monday, September 27, 2010

One down, many to go

Well, I polished off my first "Fall into Reading" book last week, Friday morning to be exact. Numero uno...Molly Wizenberg's "A Homemade Life", a fun memoir/recipe book by the author of the Orangette blog. I don't read that blog very often, so I really have no idea how much of her content came directly from her blog. The book, however, did not read like a compilation of blog posts. It was an enjoyable story about her life and her family with each chapter concluding with a recipe.

I really enjoyed her writing. She tells her stories well and describes the recipes in ways that make me want to try (nearly) every one. For example, thanks to this book, I now have a desire to make stewed prunes. She makes them sound scrumptious. I'll let you know how they turn out.

So, what next? Well, I forgot to add a few books to my list last week. My 10-year old has been reading the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, but I'm trying to read each book ahead of him. So, "The Titan's Curse" became available at the library and took priority over my list, so that he can get his hands on it. I finished it this morning, so now he just has to finish reading his "39 Clues" book.

Now what? Well, I've started The Book Thief and The Whole Life Adoption book. I probably should keep pounding away on those. Like them both but not in large doses...yet. (I've heard The Book Thief gets hard to put down). I have Farewell to Arms and need to read it for next month's book club. And Her Mother's Hope is waiting to be picked up at the library. Hmmm...

When am I supposed to clean my house?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010

The Fall Into Reading Challenge hosted by Callapidder Days is THE thing that got this blog started a year ago. I liked the idea of making a list of books to read during the fall and putting it out there for all to see, all 5 of you who occasionally check this blog, that is.

So, now it's time to do it again. I've been making my list and checking it twice. Here's what I've got right now:

The Confession (Grisham's newest and already on hold at the library)
A Homemade Life
The Catcher in the Rye (every fall I plan and, subsequently fail, to read this)
Her Mother's Hope/Her Daughter's Legacy by Francine Rivers
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (this book has been on my Amazon wish list for too long)
Brooklyn (ditto)
My Life in France
The Book Thief
Ape House (I'm hoping to attend a reading/signing by author Sara Gruen in October)
Half Broke Horses (Jeanette Walls is also going to be here for a signing...hmmm)
The Hole in our Gospel (I should probably read this one first)
The Whole Life Adoption Book (And I should probably just read a little of this one each day)
October book club: A Farewell To Arms by Hemingway
And maybe...Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy

To be added:
November and December book club picks

Other reading goals -
Read to CJ at least 4 nights a week - We've been working our way through the Little House on the Prairie series for a very long time. It would be fun to get to something else.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ready for Fall

How I love to read in the fall! (And every other season for that matter.) But, there's just something about settling in with a good book and a Pumpkin Spice Latte that can't be beat.

Not only do we welcome the arrival (technically, not meteorologically) of fall tomorrow, but it also is the kick off of Callapidder Days Fall into Reading challenge (Go here for the basic directions). I've been working on my list for a few weeks now and am excited to get started.

A little too excited, in fact. I already finished two of the books on my list.
"The Cookbook Collector" by Allegra Goodman was very good, excellent writing and captivating story. I highly recommend it.
"Crazy Love" by Francis Chan is a book I will buy and read again. So much of the book challenged me to be more committed to Christ and his commands. It was a library book, so I couldn't write in it. I look forward to having my own well-marked copy.

I guess I need to think of a couple more to add to the list...Yay.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Booking It Update

(Check out Life as Mom for other Booking It updates.)

Well, let's see...what have I read lately?

I can't even seem to remember. So, let's talk about what I'm currently reading and hoping to read in the next couple months.

I just picked up "The Cookbook Collector" from the library and am excited to dig in. I am also reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. Unfortunately, it's due back today. Ack. I'm only about half-way through. Trying to decide whether to just keep it and pay the fine or get back on the list. I've been really challenged by what I've read in it and would highly recommend it. It would be even better to read it with a group though, so that you can discuss the material.

Also, in the "to be read" pile (also known as the "to be picked up from the library as soon as they become available" pile):
"The Confession" by John Grisham
"A Homemade Life" by Molly Wizenberg
"The Titan's Curse" Percy Jackson #3 - CJ is ready to read this but has to wait for me...this will get priority.

Finally...tomorrow night is my night to suggest books for the next month's book club. I'm excited about my "theme" and all the books on the list. Can't wait to see what they pick.

Oh yeah, finally remembered what I just read: "Never Let Me Go" - This was a great book that is actually coming out as a movie this weekend. Normally, I am not interested in seeing movie adaptations, but with this one, I can't wait to see what they do with it. Maybe a date night is in my near future?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Read this book!

Now, I could write about "The Hunger Games" trilogy and how everyone should read it, but I know it's probably NOT for everyone. (However, my mom had my granddad read it...the first one at least. I think his comment was "It was interesting".) This post is actually about "Sarah's Key", our book club selection for September. What a great book! And, it was a quick read and kept you (or me at least) interested to the very end. Not only that but I learned something about World War II that I wouldn't have had it not been for this book. So, put your name on the list at the library. There will likely be a wait.

Now, what to read next? I have "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, "The Corrections" by Jonathon Franzen and (to be picked up at the library) "Never Let Me Go" by I can't spell his last name. I want to request Francine River's newest book...the sequel comes out soon, but I'm afraid of getting too many 14-day loans at once. And, David Rosenfelt has a new one out, "Dog Tags", and our library doesn't even have a copy. What's a girl supposed to do? (Please don't say buy it, I'm already fighting the urge.)