Friday, September 3, 2010

Read this book!

Now, I could write about "The Hunger Games" trilogy and how everyone should read it, but I know it's probably NOT for everyone. (However, my mom had my granddad read it...the first one at least. I think his comment was "It was interesting".) This post is actually about "Sarah's Key", our book club selection for September. What a great book! And, it was a quick read and kept you (or me at least) interested to the very end. Not only that but I learned something about World War II that I wouldn't have had it not been for this book. So, put your name on the list at the library. There will likely be a wait.

Now, what to read next? I have "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, "The Corrections" by Jonathon Franzen and (to be picked up at the library) "Never Let Me Go" by I can't spell his last name. I want to request Francine River's newest book...the sequel comes out soon, but I'm afraid of getting too many 14-day loans at once. And, David Rosenfelt has a new one out, "Dog Tags", and our library doesn't even have a copy. What's a girl supposed to do? (Please don't say buy it, I'm already fighting the urge.)

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