Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spring Reading Thing Wrap-Up

Summer is here! And spring is past. Although in Kansas, it's felt like summer for a few weeks now. Spring apparently made an early departure.

I basically didn't do so well on the Spring Reading Thing hosted at Callapidder Days. It wasn't that I didn't read. As you can see from the list on the sidebar, I did plenty of reading. I just didn't want to read what was on my list. Sometimes a list works for me and sometimes it doesn't.

I set my goal pretty low...just 6 books. I knew I would read others. How did I do?

I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (book club) and Left Neglected. I checked out Green but didn't get it read before needing to return it. And, I have a good start on The Hole in Our Gospel and am about halfway through The Good and Beautiful God.

Even though I didn't do so hot on my list, it's still fun to participate in these challenges and gets me thinking about what I'm going to be reading.

And now, on to favorite reading season of all.

If you want to see how other readers did, go here!

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  1. That's what I like about the challenge, it gets me thinking about what to read and perhaps makes me add some books that would challenge me that I would otherwise put off. And even though you didn't finish your list, the amount of books you did read is exceptional!