Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's been a long time

My only excuse for my very long absence is my very old internet browser at work, which is no longer compatible with blogger.   I have been reading...not quite as much as usual, but not reading is just not an option for me.

Lately, I've also been listening to audio books on a regular basis.  Love this!  I typically listen on my way to and from work and sometimes over the lunch hour. 

Most recently I listened to The Power of Habit.  I really enjoyed this non-fiction look at how habits work, how they're changed and the amazing impact they have on individuals, businesses and societies.  I like social science research, and this book included plenty of that.  But, it was also full of stories, which made it so easy to listen to.

I am slogging my way through Boundaries for book club...which is tonight.  I'm about half-way through. 

What else?  I just looked at my library account, and I have two audio books (Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella and East of Eden by Steinbeck) on hold, but that's it!  No books.  I need to figure out what to read next. 


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