Monday, October 1, 2012

More RWR...ughh

Another Returned Without Reading post.  Not that anyone who reads this (Hi Tylie) cares, but I like to keep track just in case I want to go back and check them out again, ie, keep them on my shelf for 12 weeks, preventing anyone else from reading these fine books. 
So, tomorrow I will return These is My Words, Backseat Saints and The Summer We Got Saved.  I was tempted to hold on to the last one, since I actually have it for another week.  But, since it didn't make my Fall into Reading list, it needs to go back. 

Speaking of Fall into Reading-
I'm nearly done with I Will Carry You.  It's so good but always causes tears.  So, I can't read all that much of it at a time if I want to be able to open my swollen eyelids the next morning.
As for fiction, I'm currently reading Cutting for Stone.  I like it.  I'm intrigued by it.  But, I'm so tired at night that I'm not getting through it very quickly. 
Also in progress - The Resolution for Women
Waiting to be picked up at the library - Where We Belong...I better get after Cutting for Stone if I'm going to have time to finish this one before it needs returned. 

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  1. First you are hilarious! Second I LOVED the shout out! Third I am so intrigued about the one that causes so many tears! Maybe if I finish our book club book with time to spare (yeah right) I will look into that one! I love how much you read! You are awesome :)