Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Into Reading '11

Wow...can you believe it's already fall? Although after the very hot (most 100+ degree days EVER) summer we had, fall is more than welcome here.

I'm excited to participate in the Fall into Reading Challenge hosted by Callapidder Days for the third year in a row! Yay.

My list is perhaps a bit of a work in progress still. I'll show you what I've got, but you might check back for possible changes (basically, I think the following is a bit too ambitious given the busy fall we have at our house).

Here it goes:
1. A Trick of the Light by Louise Penny - Her mysteries are perfect for fall.
2. Something by Timothy Keller - There are several to choose from and I'm wanting to leave my options open. I ended up choosing Counterfeit Gods.
3. The Good & Beautiful Life - I've been working on this one for awhile, hope to finish it soon
4. One Thousand Gifts - Ditto on this one. Great book!!
5. Game of Thrones Book 1 - I'm curious what all the hype is about, even though this does not exactly sound like my thing
6. Tunnels - Jr. Fiction that I've been meaning to get to forever...and if I do, I'll probably need to add the next three in the series to my list.
7. The Forgotten God by Francis Chan - This book goes right along with some of the things I'm learning, looking forward to reading it.
8. Joy for Beginners - A book from my Amazon wish list, a little lighter than some of my other selections...perhaps.
9. Unbroken by Laura Hildebrand - Waiting for me at the library as I type.
10. One Dog Night by Dave Rosenfelt - Another quick, easy read to balance out some of the non-fiction. Love this fun mystery series.
11. In the Garden of Beasts - This one may not happen this fall, but I want it on my list anyway, so I don't forget to read it later.
12. A Hole in our Gospel - This has been on my list for every challenge. I got part of the way through this spring and put it down. Time to pick it back up.
13. The Catcher in the Rye - Another repeat...I want to read a classic each fall. This year, this is it.
14. The Summer We Got Saved - Maybe I should save this for summer?
15. The Good & Beautiful Community - The final book in the series by James Bryan Smith.
16. Radical by David Platt- Have this on my Kindle, started it just recently, will definitely finish.
17., 18., 19. Book Club Books - Run like a Girl is the choice for October. November was Lost in Shangri-La. Finally, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand for December.

Whew. That's plenty. Now, head over to Callapidder Days and see what everyone else is reading!


  1. Wow, What a list. Best wishes on your reading.

  2. Looks great, Jimi! I keep meaning to try Louise Penny's books, but it just hasn't happened yet. I just read The Forgotten God with a friend -- very good book. And you're right about the Game of Thrones hype. I'm seeing it everywhere! I haven't read it yet either, thought. Thanks for being part of Fall Into Reading 2011!

  3. I've seen that Unbroken in lots of lists this fall. I've added it to my TBR pile. :v) Happy reading this fall!

  4. I've heard very good things about Unbroken. I almost put it on my list for the Fall, but decided I have too many others that have been waiting for me to read them for longer! I hope you enjoy all the books you've chosen this fall!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog - looks like you have a good list here! I want to read One Thousand Gifts, have heard great things. Radical is another one I want to read. Good luck with the challenge!

  6. Wow, great list of books! I have been intrigued by Unbroken and Joy for Beginners - both look really good. Good luck with your challenge!

  7. Great list! I loved 1000 gifts and Cathcher in the Rye. I have loaned out 1000 gifts, but intend to read it again as soon as I get it back. There is so much great stuff in it that I'm planning to take notes this time. Enjoy your reading!

  8. Looks great! When do you find so much time to read?