Thursday, July 21, 2011

Something about Summer

I know I've said this before, but there is just something about summer and books for me. No other season holds the same reading appeal as summer. Maybe it's due to the library reading program when I was a child that rewarded my obsession, er, I mean habit. Maybe it was the fact that during college and even for quite some time afterward, summer was the only time I got to read for fun. Whatever the cause, summer says reading to me.

And, this summer has meant lots of trips to the library...obviously. (Sometimes I think my blog title should be "What I picked up at the library today"...boring, I know, but it sure captures what I write about). I'm thinking of abandoning the library books though and digging out one of my favorite series. Yep, Harry Potter, here I come.

The release of the final movie has made me want to read the series again. I've never seen any of the films, but I'm getting the itch to see what all the hype is about. Before I do that, though, I think the books deserve one more reading.

I probably should ask my husband's permission before embarking on this project. It's a whole lot of pages. Hmmm...maybe not. I'm afraid he might look at me like I'm crazy. (And he'll figure it out quickly enough).

One other reason I have for re-reading the books - I would like to read them with my soon-to-be sixth-grader in mind. He's asked about reading them, and I've put him off for now. So, this would give me an opportunity to evaluate whether or not he's ready.

So, Harry, Hermione and Ron, here I come. Can't wait to spend some more time with you!

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