Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fall Into Reading Wrap-Up

As I sit amid 3-foot snow drifts, it's hard to believe that fall is only just now drawing to a close. I once again really enjoyed the Fall into Reading challenge hosted by Callapidder Days. And, I achieved some degree of success.

Of the 20 books on my list, I read 15 (actually, the 15th is one I will finish today). And, I read a fair number of non-fiction this time. In fact, of the 15, only 6 were fiction - A Trick of the Light, Tunnels, Joy for Beginners, One Dog Night, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, The Catcher in the Rye. Of those, both Joy for Beginners and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand were delightful. And, A Trick of the LIght was excellent. I really liked all of them.

The non-fiction on my list were also excellent - Unbroken was one of the best books I've read this year, as was One Thousand Gifts. Counterfeit Gods, The Good & Beautiful Life, The Forgotten God, Radical, and Kisses from Katie were all absolutely worth the read. Lost in Shangri-La was also good, but not quite the story that Unbroken was. Run with a Girl (book club) was the only one that wasn't really anything I would recommend to others.

Unread -
Game of Thrones - This one I did check out from the library and read a chapter or two. As much as I was hoping to like this series, I just didn't.
A Hole in our Gospel - one of these days...
In the Garden of Beasts - after reading 2 WWII books this fall, I thought this one was best saved for later.
The Summer We Got Saved - Just never got around to this one
The Good & Beautiful Community - This is one I hope to read early in 2012

I love this challenge. And, now I'm reading to move on to reading something else. Thanks to Callapidder Days for hosting. I can't wait to see how everyone else fared.


  1. Unbroken has made great reviews on many a blog. It's on my list for next round. Good job on the reading challenge!

  2. I have heard some great things about game of thrones.. and then like you said some people that just didn't like it.. I like the idea of checking it out from the library. Great job with your list!

  3. Wowee 15 of 20 is excellent well done. I too am hoping to read A Game of Thrones I hope I like it. Merry Christmas. xx

  4. Great list of books - I have seen Unbroken a lot around the web this year, I should definitely look into that one! Ditto with Joy for Beginners.

  5. Looks like some good reading! Great job and fun lists! I enjoyed reading your books on the sidevar as well!

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  6. Woo-hoo! Unbroken got added to my fall list and I loved it as well!! I really enjoyed Kisses From Katie this fall too. Earlier in the year I benefited greatly from One Thousand Gifts and Radical (and also Hole in Our Gospel, although I liked Crazy Love and Radical better than Hole). Sounds like we have some similar reading taste!

    Found it ironic that another reader started Major Pettigrew and couldn't stand to finish it. I'm intrigued by the contrasting opinions and may have to read it to form my own! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. 15/20 is awesome! I'm currently reading Game of Thrones myself and understand what you mean, it's hard to get into

  8. Great job! And it looks like you read so many really, really good books this fall. I've read some of them (like Unbroken and The Forgotten God), but several others I haven't. I really need to put Major Pettigrew's Last Stand on my to-read list.

    Thanks for being part of FIR '11!